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Health & Beauty everyone's right

Make your dreams come true!

Want to improve the eyesight of your eyes? Meet directly with the representatives of Turkey's top eye clinics, get information and plan your appointment as if you were on vacation.

Are you considering a prosthesis or implant for your dental health? Contact the representatives and doctors of Turkey's unique dental clinics for the needs of your dental health and make an appointment.

Do you want any aesthetic application with or without surgery? Consult with Turkey's best quality and expert plastic surgeons around the world and achieve the look of your dreams.

Your hair has fallen out and you want to regain its former form? Hair has an important place in people's appearance. Turkey finds a remedy for every problem with its expert staff, who are famous in the world of aesthetics in hair transplantation. Come, ask yourself, get informed and make your appointment.

In addition, Turkey is on its way to becoming a leader with numerous medical services such as cardiovascular diseases, orthopedic treatments, stem cell applications, and organ transplantation.


Turkey has doctors, medical services, hospitals and organizations, and aesthetic practices that are among the best in the world.

For the first time in Germany in May 2022, as a fair dedicated only to participants from the health and aesthetics sector of Turkey.

TESO | Medical & Beauty Tourism Fair brings medical and aesthetic services to you in Düsseldorf, Germany’s favorite fair city. Do not miss this opportunity and honor the participating and Turkey with your visit. We are proud to see you at the fair and to host you in the best possible way. 

5 star hotel comfort

Health & Holiday together


Beyond the ordinary, the most superior health services are offered to our dear customers in Turkey at the most affordable prices in the most beautiful

places and the most comfortable clinics. To prove this, we are exhibiting services under one roof in Düsseldorf, Germany.

TESO – Come and see the Medical & Beauty Tourism Fair, take action for your health & beauty.